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I used groundgrabba as an aircraft tie down for the glider I was using in the WA State gliding competition at Cunderdin Airport. The ground adjacent to the taxi ways at the airport looked sandy on the surface, but were quite hard compact below. I attempted to wind them in by hand using the hook, and then using a hand spanner. They would not drive. One disadvantage of manual driving was the direct pressure required from above to keep the ‘grabba’ in place. Then I used an impact driver with a 19mm socket and they worked great. The impact driver was the cheapest one I could find and was VERY hot after driving them in. I had a masonry bit just in case, but it was not needed. While others were still banging in star pickets, I was done. I used the 30cm variety and used six of them to secure each wing, the tail boom and the wing dolly each night.

I also kept a set of two with a spanner in the aircraft as an out-landing precaution. Light weight and small enough to take with me on each competition flight.


John Grant 31 March 2019

Here at Birdsville, the SandGrabba’s have been fantastic.  Unsurprisingly, the GroundGrabbers did not hold, but the SandGrabba’s worked beautifully in the deep soft sand here in the Simpson Desert.  They certainly attracted a lot of attention here from fellow campers!

Nathan Efron 6th July 2017

I tested them in sand at Lake Mungo and to my surprise, they stayed in sand as solidly as if they were in hard ground and held my awning down in the high wind/rain squalls we experienced there.
At White Cliffs there was only about 4-5 inches of sand before I hit rock, so I ratcheted up the torque on the drill and drove them into it. When I wound them out I was very surprised to see that I had not damaged them at all.

Mike Willis 8th May 2017

Using them extensively on the beach and terrains where normal pegs either pull out easily or don’t make it into the ground. Super happy with them! Like right now. See the picture up in the mountains in the United Arab Emirates. 

Manuel Schmidt 19 Jan 2019

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