Our first sale!

We started our Camping Caravan Blog page wayyyyyy back in 2015!  You can see a few posts were then done in 2016 however there is a gap for 2017! Why you ask??? Well, although we managed to get the odd overnight camp stay our focus had to be dedicated to getting this business truly up and running so as you can imagine, when it came to us camping…there is a major void for the year 2017 but it hasn’t gone without it’s rewards. Yayyyy…if your reading this blog, it’s because we have 100% launched our business…please let me hear you say a big Woohoo with the added bio-degradable confetti blast reaching high in the sky and cheers from the roaring crowd…this is a big deal! We had no idea what it meant for us to start with an idea (place light bulb here), realise there was a void in the camping industry for screw-in tent pegs-stakes and then jump in feet first and follow through to make this dream a reality. Four plus years!!  We are so excited that we have made it here.  Anyone who has been involved in a start up business knows what it takes to get here and we have a list soooooo long of the magical people that have been a part of this journey to make it happen…oh what we have learnt from so many experts from their field of ‘work’ (hmmm I think I’d like to call it ‘Passion’ because that is why they excel at what they do!). So, please enjoy the array of photo’s from 2017 that took us on a journey with our GroundGrabba Heavy Duty Screw-In Tent Peg-Stakes : )

2017 and all that it had to offer!