Wikicamps to the rescue…we found ourselves heading to Port Macquarie for a weekend away a little later in the day than we expected!  So we looked at the fantastic app called Wikicamps which is great for a free overnight camping spot or very low budget campsites for tents, camper trailers to camper vans and caravans.  We found a park for overnight campers just off the Pacific Hwy on Waterfall Way, Fernmount, near Bellingen, NSW.  On our way home we revisited Bellingen & found a lovely alternate & very people friendly environment….it was a nice little discovery.

The next morning we set off to our destination…west of Port Macquarie to another beautiful camping ground at Mt Seaview Resort, Mt Seaview.

This, to me, was another magical find!  Well, not exactly a ‘find’ per-se as it was through a gorgeous local couple (Amanda & Ben) that David had met earlier in the year – of which I was getting the pleasure of meeting for the first time on this visit – that we had the pleasure of finding this spot 🙂

This property was run by a couple whom ran about 3 varieties of prized cattle on it.  At the entrance you cross a creek on a low set timber bridge to a resort/retreat that caters for groups of various types.  Then you follow the road past the owners home for about another 4km that ends at a camping ground with manicured grass with rustic picnic shelters to cabins & the caretakers residence.

We also met a couple (originally from Darwin) Michael & Glenda who live life on the road in their caravan & had been staying at the sight for the past week after applying to also be caretakers.  Michael being a carpenter & Glenda, were it seemed, more than qualified for the job & relished in the fact that they could ‘move on’ whenever desired!  Both enjoyed listening to the ABC if TV reception was low but if the radio gave way Michael had his back up music & busting out his ‘Midnight Oil’ moves! (damn, missed that photo opportunity!) Here’s a snap of their camp site…..much to Glenda’s dismay…washing & all!!!

Enjoy the picture of the grounds which my gorgeous David took ( oh, & mine of him taking a dip 😉 ) & moi on a natural vine swing…don’t you just love natures toys 🙂