Box of 12 GroundGrabba Pro (1ft, 300mm) with FREE Bag plus options…

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The GroundGrabba Pro is the ultimate screw-in heavy duty tent peg-stake ground anchor for tents, tarps, canopies, or other outdoor shelters. It screws into the ground using a good quality, high torque, cordless drill providing a swift, safe and secure setup in camping areas with variable ground types. Made of heat-treated steel and galvanised for anti-corrosion, the GroundGrabba Pro is the ‘Professional-Grade’ tent peg-stake you need to enhance your camping experience.

Our GroundGrabba products are amazing anchors for sand or general ground for securing tents, tarps, canopies, or other outdoor shelters in common sand and loose soft grounds. It screws into the sand or loose soft ground using a good, quality cordless drill 18V minimum with at least 60Nm of torque or by hand, providing a swift, safe, and secure setup along the beach or in dunes. Made of the toughest glass reinforced nylon to give you the toughest lightest composite material, the GroundGrabba Lite is the ’Recreational-Grade tent peg-stake you need to enhance your beach and sand dune camping experience.

Please Note: The harder the ground and the deeper you drill, the higher the torque that is needed.  If your drill is not at least 18V and have at least 60Nm of torque you may not be able to drive these into the ground.




Buy 12 GroundGrabba Pro (1ft, 300mm) and grab a FREE GroundGrabba Carry-All Bag I valued at $49.99!

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  • Peg-stake flights tear into rough terrain for an ultimate grip
  • Drill action operates smoothly for simple, biting insertion
  • Lightening-fast setup helps making set up or pull down easy
  • Perfect addition to your camping equipment arsenal


  •     Made of heat-treated steel·
  •     Galvanized for anti-corrosion
  •     Weight 230g
  •     Length 300mm
  •     Shaft thickness 10mm
  •     Flights (spirals) 6mm wide, 2mm thick
  •     19mm hex head with collar
  •     1000> nm torque rating

GroundGrabba is made to last! Every GroundGrabba Pro Steel product comes with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty against breakage or manufacturer defects. If you ever encounter a problem with your GroundGrabba accessory, simply let us know and we’ll replace it immediately — no questions asked*.

Additional information

Weight 4.7 kg
Dimensions 400 × 30 × 20 cm
pack option

12 GroundGrabba Pros FREE Bag, 12 GroundGrabba Pros PLUS 12 Hex Hook Pros FREE Bag