Various Qty Packs of GroundGrabba Pro Screw-In Drillable Heavy Duty Pegs

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GroundGrabba Pro Screw-In Drillable Heavy Duty Peg Packs

A Pack to Suit Everyone

What type of set up do you have? Do you have a pop up gazebo marquee or a large tarp or maybe a pull out awning attached to your 4WD?  Whatever your set up there is a GroundGrabba Pack to suit you.

When you’ve had enough of dodgy hammer in tent pegs that bend or don’t even hold… it’s time for a faster, easier, and much more secure way. That way is GroundGrabba.  GroundGrabba’s makes screwing in your tent even more fun.  Just keep your battery drill topped up ready for use.  But in the event you run out of battery power, GroundGrabbas have a 19mm hex head so you can use your ratchet wrench, wheel brace or even the HexHook pro with its built-in 19mm hex tool.

Although not made for every ground type in existence, the GroundGrabba Pro is made for screw anchoring down into loose grounds to very hard grounds.  BUT for extremely loose soft ground or sand where you need extreme grip you should look at the GroundGrabba Pro II packs.

Whatever outdoor anchoring application you can think of, chances are GroundGrabba will solve your problems. We’ve had customers use GroundGrabbas not only for camping but for applications such as: Anchoring down jumping castles, Trampoline and Swing set anchoring, Light aircraft tie down anchoring, Lightning arrestor anchoring, High voltage earthing system testing, Marquee peg screw anchoring and Dog tethering.

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GroundGrabba Carry-All bags have been made specifically to carry your GroundGrabba arsenal and other camping set up accessories. Quality made of 600D polyester with a lengthways central divider and two side wall internal zip pockets. Carry your GroundGrabba Pros, GroundGrabba Lites, Hex Driver sockets, Masonry Drill bits, Cordless drill, Tent guy ropes, HexHooks and more.

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Just make sure you add the correct size bag with your purchase.

PS.  You will need a 19mm Hex Socket Driver for your drill

PPS. For really hard ground it is highly recommended to drill a pilot hole with a masonry drill bit.



GroundGrabba Pro (300mm) Screw-In Drillable Heavy Duty Peg Packs

Each pack contains the equivalent number of GroundGrabba Pros (300mm). Most packs also come with the equal number of HexHook Pros.

  • 12 GG Pro Pack
  • 12 GG Pro Pack including HexHooks
  • 6 GG Pro Pack including HexHooks
  • 4 GG Pro Pack including HexHooks
  • 2 GG Pro Pack including HexHooks


  • 300mm long
  • 19mm Hex Head with collar
  • 10mm Shaft
  • 6mm flight width
  • Heat Treated Carbon Steel
  • Galvanised for anti corrosion
  • Lifetime Replacement Warranty
  • Unbreakable
  • High Quality
  • > 1000Nm torque rating


GroundGrabbas are as a result of over 3 years of development. Dozens of different varieties were designed, prototyped and tested with many different types of materials to bring to the market the GroundGrabba Pro series of screw-in drillable heavy duty tent peg ground anchors.

To get best results we recommend using a high torque 18V cordless drill or for the steel Pro series you can also use high torque impact wrench drivers.

Camping Caravan RV gives purchasers of GroundGrabba Pro series products a *30 day money back guarantee and a lifetime replacement warranty** should you break them or even wear them out. Note: Wearing out replacement does not include the scratching or wearing off of any anti corrosion coatings. 


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GroundGrabba Pro Packs

2 Pack with 2 HexHooks, 4 Pack with 4 HexHooks, 6 Pack with 6 HexHooks, 12 Pack with 12 HexHooks, 12 Pack