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ITech120 120AH 12 Volt Lithium Battery


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If you’re like me and have had enough of every couple years or so replacing your almost dead deep cycle auxiliary battery then no doubt you’ve heard about the benefits of Lithium batteries.

Lithium batteries are superior in every way to the old and now outdated deep cycle, AGM and lead acid batteries.

Their ability to accept charge is greater, their ability to actually provide power is about double, their working temperature environment is higher, the battery weight is lower and you cannot deplete their charge that will damage the battery due to its inbuilt battery management system (bms).

The old lead acid and Gell AGM batteries really give a false sense of security in their AH rating given you should only use 40% of it’s rating if you want them to live a long life, 50% if you don’t mind killing them faster.  But the problem with the old technology batteries is, it is fine to say we shouldn’t use more than 40 or 50% of their capacity but how the heck would you know AND how often do you forget and leave something on which pretty much flattens it?  To be honest….. I’ve done that many times. Left the fridge on in the trailer or car when it didn’t need to be…or a light or some other accessory.    How good is it that with the new iTech120 lithium battery you never have to worry about leaving your fridge running even when it’s empty because if you do the BMS will cut off power before any damage has been done.

Also putting the old lead acid and agm batteries under your 4WD bonnet will destroy them through high temperatures.

The Itech120 has been designed and developed in Australia by Perth based Itech World and it’s quality is world leading cutting edge.

The itech120 is rated at 120Amp hour capacity with a built-in BMS.  Simply pull out your old battery and drop in the Itech120.

In years gone by Lithium batteries created a challenge with using them because there are very strict parameters for the way they need to be charged and monitored….enter the BMS.

The Itech120 now gives you the most advanced battery technology available in the world and it’s ready for you to start enjoying the immediate benefits.

What About Compatibility With 240V Inverters?

This is where the Itech12v120AH battery excels.   Let me explain…  Most lithium batteries give about the same maximum peak current output as their storage capacity.  IE, if you have an 80Amp battery the maximum you current (in amps) you can pull at any point in time is 80a or in the case of a 100AH battery 100amps.     With the Itech 120AH battery you can pull a massive 2 second surge current of up to 250amps and a consistent 100 amp load until the BMS cuts off power when the 20% level is reached.

What’s the big deal?   OK so running a 240V inverter can suck a massive load current from the 12V battery.

Let’s say you are using a 3,000W inverter.    Say you plug in an electric motor rated at 1200W.  Using Ohms Law  E=IR    (Watts = Volts x Amps)   Watts/volts=Amps  1200/12=100 amps

So your 1200W motor will pull at least 100 amps from your battery when running but it’s start up power consumption  could be double! Meaning 2400W or 200amps.   Normal Lithium batteries cannot supply that. Most with internal BMS would cut supply so the battery would not melt down.    Itechs ability to provide up to a 250 Amp surge is a BIG DEAL.  Lesser quality lithium batteries just cannot compare.

How Cost Effective is Our Lithium Battery Compared to Lead Acid?

The Itech120 can be cycled more then over 2000 times meaning from full to 20% over 2000 times which is around 3MW (3 Mega Watts) compared to a lead acid or deep cycle battery only around 562,500 Watts IF the battery is kept within its temperature range and never used under the bonnet or in harsh temperature conditions.

In dollars per watt terms my calculations are Itech 12v 120Ah @3.33KWatt per dollar ($899) compared to a Lead acid battery 12V 120 Amp Hour @2.25KW per dollar ($250 and that is IF it lasts more than 3 years!)

Lithium batteries in recent years have really taken off thanks to the Solar and Electric vehicle industries. As a result prices have dropped substantially and the technology has improved to such a degree where it is now practical to use in your caravan, camper trailer, camper van, RV, take camping or in your 4WD. You can even use them if you are living off grid. The itech120 can be connected in parallel with up to three more of the same giving a combined capacity of 480Amp Hour.

You won’t break your back carrying these either. The Itech120 weighs in at just 13Kg. That’s less than half of a comparable lead acid battery.

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Specifications and Features

Heavy duty case
Can be connected in parallel (up to 4)
High discharge current 280A
Heavy duty removable M8 Bolt Battery terminals
Maintenance free
Lifting handle fitted to ensure secure hold when moving
In built battery management system
Over discharge protection

Nominal Voltage: 12.8v
Charging Voltage: 14.7v or less
Discharge cut off Voltage: 10v
Standard charge current: 50A
Maximum charge current: 100A
Standard discharge current: 100A
Max discharge current: 280A
Output connector: M8 Stud
Weight: 13kg each
Dimensions: 330x173x215mm . (LxWxH) per unit (Height 225mm including terminals)
Optimal charge temp range: 0°c – 45°c
Optimal discharge temp range: -20°c to + 60°c
Optimal storage temp: -10°c – 45°c

1x 120AH 12V Lithium Battery
In built Battery Management System

Additional information

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 330 × 173 × 215 cm
$1 GroundGrabba Lite Offer

ITech Lithium 12v 120AH Battery, ITech Lithium 12v 120AH Battery WITH 2 GroundGrabba Lite (in white)