So our newest favourite camping ground is on a private property located on the Clarence River in Northern NSW. The property is a 4th generation owned & operated by Neil & Sue Winters.

This ‘Pet Friendly’ property is not short of fabulous! The views here are just absoulutely stunnng. It boasts over ?? well spread out camping spots (complete with share drop toilet or dig your own) that offers from water frontage camping to high rised camping on grassy nulls with cattle meandering there way throughout the land whilst mowing & fertilising!! Also on offer is a well fitted out cottage for those that wish for the peace & serenity without the camping equipment. Plus a blokes shed for accommodation – also close by is a hot shower & flushing toilet.

You will have an absolute fabulous time fishing these beautiful waters. Let it be known that this is a catch & release river. You can hire kayaks or the tinny of which Neil & Sue also offer a guided tour up the river (with I’m sure some great historical stories to be heard) where you can go from centimeters to areas in the river that are meters deep. David & I only went down for the night so we opted to walk & explore up & down the rivers edge….of course we were wanting more time but that just gives us reason to go back asap!

Neil may have had time to replenish the fire wood near your site from the previous campers, if not, have fun collecting your own as there is ample to be found to enjoy the complete package of true camping. I found some great drift wood pieces that I took home with me to use for my latest hobby of Macrame wall hangings. 🙂

If your there ‘in season’ you can help yourself to the orange or mango trees that have sprinkled themselves in various spots….we were there with the orange trees just asking to be picked & they were ‘sweet as’ 🙂

This place is, of course, very popular for family & friend gatherings during holiday periods…especially Easter & Christmas….so be sure to book in advance with the equally reasonable prices to claim your spot!!

You’ll see below David & I took the opportunity to get some really lovely shots of the property.

In a Jam!

Fibre Web

So like any amazing camping spot that we all manage to find ourselves in…..just allow yourself to kick back, listen to the sounds of nature and simply be…….