Shipping and Refund Polices

Shipping Policy

Rates and Carriers uses Australia Post or Other transport companies to deliver orders to our customers throughout Australia.

Delivery times are stated in business days, and do not include order processing times or out of stock reorders.

Express Parcels: Allow overnight to one week within Australia for delivery.

All shipping prices are quoted in Australian dollars. C.O.D. orders cannot be accepted.

Order Status:
We will keep you updated on your order status by sending you emails whenever your order status changes.

Order Processing Time:
Order processing times are within 2 business days, are contingent upon credit card authorization, and do not include weekends or holidays. will send an e-mail message notifying you when an item is delayed beyond the time represented.

International Orders: does not currently ship internationally however if you live outside of Australia and are keen to order please contact us directly.


WHAT IS YOUR POLICY ON RETURNS OR REFUNDS? would like you (our online customer) to have the easiest and safest online buying experience you can with us and therefore will offer you the fairest return and refund circumstances we can.

We acknowledge that most people are honest in their transactions and therefore keeping that in mind have created these policies with that intention.

We acknowledge our right to alter these policies if and when the circumstance arise without further notification.


In A Nutshell;

If you don’t get the product you ordered you are not expected to be out of pocket.

Just let us know and we will arrange for the incorrect item to be picked up at our expense whilst sending you the correct item that you had ordered and purchased or refund you the full purchase value.

If you don’t get the product you ordered within a reasonable time period you may cancel the order.

“Reasonable” is open to interpretation so to be clear about this……

As like any online business we use either Australia Post, transport company or Couriers to deliver for us and once your purchased item/s are in their care we no longer have control of the speed in which the item arrives to you.

We will always give you a delivery date estimation based on what we are told by our delivery agent. Given delivery services are run by human beings like you, Susan and I, there is a human factor that’s always involved where mistakes can be made, people can be ill etc.

So if your item has not arrived or you have had no item collection notice, undelivered note, missed you note or similar in your mailbox within a couple of business days past the estimated delivery date then please let us know so we can chase it up at our end and if you choose you can cancel the order for a full refund or credit to your choice.


Please check to make sure your items are what you had ordered and have arrived undamaged and if not then please contact us within 3 business days.

If the item/s are incorrect or damaged for us to be able to take action with our couriers we must be able to instigate investigations within 3 business days. In the case of incorrect items it will help us correct your order efficiently.

We ask that in either event you take photos of the damages on the item/s and or incorrect item/s and email us as a first step. Send your inquiry through our inquiry page first please.


Given we do not manufacture all products we sell are governed by the warranty placed on those items by the manufacturers or their Australian representatives.

Most appliance products have a 12months warranty unless otherwise stated.

Within these periods if you feel you have a warranty concern please contact us.


“All our Pro Series only(steel only) products carry our lifetime guarantee. You break it….we replace it! You wear it out and we will also replace it! Return the broken or worn out item/s to us along with your proof of purchase from us and we will replace it for free….even if it is in ten years time, we are THAT confident in our products!”
* Conditions apply

“All GroundGrabbas and SandGrabbas have been designed to screw into the substrate. Never smash GroundGrabbas or SandGrabbas into the substrate with any item be it a hammer or rock.  Attempting to hit them into the ground will void warranty.”

Other GroundGrabba items have a manufacturer’s warranty along with a 12 month warranty.


We have two usual courses for warranty;

1/ Repair or

2/ Replace, which is decided by the manufacturer or their agent here in Australia.

You will need to arrange for the items return and we will arrange and pay for the repaired or replaced item to be sent to you.

If your returned item/s are found to be in correct working order then you shall pay the return freight costs as is fair.



At times we all change our mind on purchases, the thing is if it is within 30 days, and your item/s are in the same condition as when you purchased them, ie: Still in its original undamaged packaging and unused, and you return the items to us, then upon us receiving the item/s in good resalable new order and condition, we will at your choice credit you the price you paid for the item/s OR credit you for your next purchase, it’s your choice.

Oh Oh…. But I opened the box and have ripped it apart or thrown it away.

If you have opened the original packaging and it is ripped apart or you have thrown the original packing away then you can still return the item/s to but we do ask that you repackage it such that the item/s will arrive back to us in undamaged condition.

Depending on the product/s you return and the state of their original packaging we may at our discretion charge up to a 20% restocking fee as we may no longer be able to sell the items as a new item/s.


We will cover the freight costs also up to the maximum purchase value you paid to including postage and handling costs you originally paid.

In other words you will get a full refund or full credit on your transaction with for this particular purchase.

If you had purchased more than one item in the one transaction and you wish to keep at least one of the items then we limit our refund or credit to the value of the items returned only and not the postage and handling costs.